Why are herbs so good for you? – Grech & Borg

Herbs are a very concentrated source of both flavour and nutrition. Gram to gram, herbs are up to 10 times more nutritious than most vegetables, however we don't eat a cup full of rosemary and thyme as we do spinach or lettuce. The phytochemicals that make up most green herbs are full of disease fighting compounds such as parsley's fight against tumor formation, or rosemary helping blood flow to the brain. Almost all green herbs are full of either antibacterial/anti-inflammatory/antioxidant properties. One easy way to include herbs in your diet whilst retaining there nutrition is putting a healthy handful of fresh herbs into a salad such as parsley, basil or chives. Hearty herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme are great for seasoning meat and vegetable a like when roasting. Remember, when roasting herbs, don't be shy, use more than enough. The best way to use herbs is fresh from your garden. Most herbs are easy to grow in a garden bed or small pot and the best thing is you can pick what you need and leave the rest. It doesn't take a lot, get some herbs on your plate!       Image result for herb benefits chart