What makes your heart Beet? (Beetroot) – Grech & Borg

Beets are rich, fun, full flavoured beautiful vegetables that everyone can enjoy. They come in multiple varieties such as purple, golden, white and target beets adding texture, flavour and vibrant colours to your dish. Beetroot doesn't just taste great and look visually appealing but they have tonnes of nutritional value. Beetroot is rich in fibre which is great for digestion and its packed with blood pressure benefits such as folate, vitamin C and B. Naturopaths have recommended patients with heart and blood diseases to drink beetroot juice for these very reasons. As a rough guide, usually the smaller beet heads have sweeter flavours and the larger are earthy tasting. They can be enjoyed raw, roasted, pickled or boiled. Beets are used in curries, sauces, salads, or make great stand alone sides with fantastic visuals. It's not just the bulbs either, young beetroot leaves, also known as chard are delightfully sweet and are great in salads.