You can hear forklifts whipping around... You can smell fresh vegetables and fruits...You can hear passion and vibrance from people as they tell you about there goods... You must be at Sydney Markets!

Located in Sydney's west, with its own train station, Sydney Markets is the central marketplace for farmer distributed goods in New South Wales. Not just fruit and vegetables, there is also the ever fragrant flower market to feast your senses on and a complete Paddy's Market takeover on the weekend that includes all sorts of food items and nic nacs. As it is the home of many small businesses, at Sydney Markets you really do have the chance to support passionate local people doing what they love.



The main market runs from roughly 2am-10am, although it is only open to the public from 6am onwards. During the week it is predominantly a wholesale space where the businesses inside deal mostly with pallet sized orders. Green grocers, grocery stores and restaurants all come down to source the produce that they need. However, if you are not a small business and just looking to get some things for home, don't be deterred. Although, a lot of vendors may only sell items in bulk, with the right smarts and attitude you can be walking out with the freshest and cheapest produce that you've ever seen (often 1/4 of the cost of the grocery store).



Friday - 10am-4:30pm, Saturday 6am-2pm, Sunday 9am-4:30pm

After 10am on Friday, there is an incredible shift from a wholesale space to a commercial market that occurs weekly. Most Monday-Friday vendors completely pack up and vanish whilst the Paddy's Market stands take over for the weekend (the changeover itself is impressive enough). A main feature of Paddy's market is the seafood market for some of Sydney's freshest and best priced seafood. Also, the larger vendors that struggle with smaller sales during the week now re open as smaller vendors, so getting a single head of iceberg lettuce for a great price should not be an issue. Other features of Paddy's Markets Flemington include but are not limited to; home goods, clothing, cleaning supplies, vintage nic nacs, food trucks and other food items. A substantial amount of Monday-Friday wholesale operators to still operate out of different spaces on Saturday, but Sunday's can be pretty scarce.


Flower Market

Monday-Saturday 5am-11am This is the largest flower market for fresh cut flowers in Australia with over 170 traders sourcing flowers from state wide regions. As New South Wales is large enough to contain a range of climates, this market features a diverse range of flowers from roses and carnations to native species that you haven't heard of or seen before. Vendors range from the farmers themselves who spend the hard earned time growing the flowers to market agents and wholesalers who act as a middle man between the farms and the customers. All vendors in the flower market are naturally helpful as their passion drives them. If you're someone who would like to send a message to someone through the action of gifting flowers, whatever the meaning is, the helpful vendors in Sydney's Flower Market will help you express what you need to.