Rosemary – Grech & Borg


1 of our favourite herbs at Grech & Borg. A fragrant woody herb native to the mediterranean that blossoms pink, purple, blue or yellow flowers.


Rosemary does prefer warmer climates for growing and in some regions it can become quite the pest as it takes over like a weed. Even so, Rosemary is reasonable resilient as it can withstand cool climates and harsh winters with the correct care. However, the germination process can prove to be difficult but successful plants can survive up to the 30 years.


Start by giving the herb a cold water rinse and then thoroughly dry with paper towel. Most recipes will rely on removing the stems from the stalk, just simply slide your thumbs and index finger against the direction of the leaves and they should fall off nicely. If sprinkling on meat or vegetables, using the full leaves will be fine but if using for a stuffing or sauce, finely dice the leaves or use a pestle & mortar.

Culinary uses

Visually pleasing, used as a decorative plant by some, this woody delight is a classic roast vegetable/meat supplement. Also, after trimming off the leaves, the woody stalks can be used as skewers. When trimmed and stored properly, rosemary can be kept dry for 1-3 years, ideal for a the spice and herb racks.

Health & Nutrition

Often, the use of rosemary is so small that the nutritional value is virtually redundant, however, naturalist and herbalist alike extract the fragrant herb into teas and oils for a more concentrated application. Rosemary contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory compounds, as well as improving digestion, neurological protection and it can help relax people for sleep.